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If you’re new to online selling, then take note because this will bring a huge boost of income and efficiency to your business.

What is Order Fulfillment Service?

Order fulfillment service, specifically Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA as it’s popularly known is a service from Amazon.com Inc. As we all know, Amazon has these huge warehouses and they store all the items there and when someone buys it, they have a process setup so they can quickly send the item from the warehouse to the buyer.

What the fulfillment service does is it allows the market place sellers on Amazon to send in their items that they want to sell on Amazon. This would let Amazon take care of all the hassle and paperwork needed. There are a few exceptions of items that you can’t send like flammable items.

Why Order Fulfillment Service?

The biggest reason to use FBA is that you can send in things extremely cheap. Most of the things you send-in is about 25 cents a pound. Which is really cheap! Of course the more you send, the cheaper it gets. How it works is that Amazon has a deal with UPS and you get to use the Amazon Shipment Account so you can send in your stuff cheaply.

The next thing you should know about Fulfillment Service is that once your item gets to the warehouse it can be used for multi channel fulfillment. That means you can sell on eBay or Sears and have Amazon fulfill that order for you. You don’t have to store, pack, ship or deal with paperwork, Amazon deals with everything for you. You don’t need to hire different people to do separate things and deal with their wages, tax, etc..

Another great thing about order fulfillment service by Amazon is that everything is tracked. If you put your products on your own warehouse, you have to look for it yourself, pack each one up and ship it your customer. With Amazon FBA, you just do a few clicks on your computer and Amazon will handle everything for you, plus your item never get’s lost as they have the technology to track your items the very moment it gets unpacked on their warehouse.

Where Does Your Company Come In?

Our company comes in-between you and Amazon FBA. Instead of shipping your items to Amazon, you ship your items to us. We will unpack your items and document your items giving them the initial check cover, and then we inspect each item for damages and integrity. After that, we apply proper bar code, labels and Amazon specific ASIN Barcode Label if it applies. Once that is done, we repackage your items and ship them to appropriate FBA Centers while sending you a shipment report.

Order Fulfillment Service by Amazon takes the hassle off of finding, packing and sending products to your client. We take the hassle off of checking the quality and properly labeling your items.

Alan Basinger

Alan Basinger

Alan Basinger is CEO of GDW Inc and a 15 year eCommerce veteran. As well as a serial entrepreneur, sought after mentor, coach, and speaker. Alan also is a serial giver and regularly gives his time to others to help them in his quest to help 1000 people get free by running their own profitable eCommerce businesses. You can contact him at support@gdwinc.com.
Alan Basinger

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