Photography Services

GDW was the First FBA Prep facility to offer professional photography to our clients and we lead the way in this one of the most important area of your business.

The Proof is really in the Photo, better photos sell more, convert higher, and can make the difference between a dog and a superstar. Photoshop fake product photos look like fakes, and customers can tell and go elsewhere. So GDW has everything in place to allow you to get your photographs done for your goods. We offer real lifestyle shots, not photoshopped fakes.

We create massively converting marketing slicks, not just pictures. Unlike many of our competition we know EXACTLY what it takes to create the right images to convert your products. Remember you get what you pay for and if there is one area you do not want to skimp on this is it.

Here is our current offering:

Main White Background Photo = $35.00

We will take a photo of your goods in a light box with a DSLR, and then digitally remove the background.


Digitally Enhanced White Background = $45.00

We will take the white background photo and add shadows and color correct for great looking photos.


Live Action shot = 100.00 each (plus any model fees if needed)

We take beautiful shots of the product being used or in it’s natural environment.




Multi Shot Composition Photo = $499.00 each set

We take multiple shots of the product add white background and enhance it then add lifestyle photos, and copy, callouts, and marketing messages, to create a marketing slick composition of those shots combined. This is seriously great converting copy that none of our competition does today.

Call Out Package 1 = $75.00 each photo (additional call out $7.00)

3 call outs added to (you must provide verbiage and color of text)


Header or Footer Package = $75.00 each photo (both for 125.00)

customer provides preferred color and logo/txt for headers and footers on white background photos.


Badges = $25.00 each badge

100% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warranty, best seller, or special offer badge added to 1 photo.

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