Selling on Amazon can be very rewarding, at the same time it can be very frustrating as the race to own the buy box causes margins to be erased very quickly. Many promote (PL) Private Labeling as the answer, but in our experience many do not teach people the correct way to PL or Brand products, so they leave themselves exposed to the same race to the bottom.

Knowing how Amazon works, and how to create accounts and build them with products that will become profitable fast is important. Private Labeling is more than putting a logo on the exact same product everyone else is selling on Amazon. We know the difference between building a brand and sticking a label on something.

There are many business models available for you to choose from and knowing which one is right for you at this time in your business life is as much a skill and building that company. Knowing when NOT to do something is as important in keeping your company alive than the will to do it in the first place.

There are life cycles in businesses and taking an honest account for where you are right now and having mentors who can and will honestly advise you on your next steps is important. We would love to be that Mentor and Partner in your business success.

We have created a FB group for GDW Inc. customers that will allow us to work together to help you and allow all of our customers to also learn and work together as we all build successful long term businesses.

Join Us Now and Create A New Work Order

Be Smart and partner with a company that knows the industry, can help you in all areas of your business, and you can trust. Partner with GDW Inc.


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