RA/OA Prep Services

Services for Amazon FBA Arbitrage Sellers

We understand that arbitrage sellers face challenges their importer/private label colleagues don’t. While you have the luxury of being able to purchase large quantities of a single item, you will more than likely have a lot of small to medium sized shipments. Prepping these kinds of shipments can be time consuming enough to slow or even stop your sourcing activities.

We can help.

We offer a complete service. You won’t even need to leave your armchair.

We will:

  • Receive your shipment
  • Inspect all items
  • Break down shipments and repack into bundles and multi-packs
  • Place items in poly bag or shrink wrap
  • Remove stickers and price tags
  • Apply expiration labels
  • Pack in shipping cartons
  • Ship to Amazon’s partnered shipping provider

We believe in customer satisfaction and will always provide a professional presentation of your items. We guarantee it.

Our Pricing is Simple

2.00 per unit flat rate.
Minimum is 25 units.
We can store OA orders until minimum 25 units reach for 7 days.
After that a storage fee of .10 cents per cf per day applies.

We include everything. Your days of buying printers, ink, bags, boxes, labels, shrink wrap, of taking trips to the post office, etc. are over. All the time you spent prepping shipments can now be spent sourcing goods.

Ready to get started? Fill out a work order and start shipping goods in today. We use PayPal. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

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