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Why GDW Inc.? The risk of sending a product straight from manufacturer to Amazon can be catastrophic to your business. We have seen it first hand that everything looks great until that one shipment with a defect makes it into FBA. GDW receives your shipment and helps you identify any potential product or packaging damage. Any incorrect or missing labels. Or a plethora of other potential issues which will save you money in Amazon penalty fees, negative reviews, and ultimately unhappy customers. GDW provides absolutely all the services you need to get your goods from the supplier to the FBA facility, so you can focus on growing your company not working for your company. GDW services help keep your customers happy, eliminate the risk of sending incorrect products to Amazon.



Photography Services

GDW was the First FBA Prep facility to offer professional photography to our clients and we lead the way in this one of the most important area of your business. (more…)


Our Product Inspection service was designed to ensure that your product arrives at its destination in the condition you expect.  (more…)


Amazon FBA manages their stock with a custom stock code in the form of a bar code that must be on every product included in their stock management system.  (more…)


If you are shipping by air express (DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.) and the value is $200 or less, the courier will clear the shipment through customs without requiring any further documentation. (more…)

Basic GDW Services

FBA Forwarding Only Service

As Low As


Per Carton 60+ Cartons
  • See current pricing for information on lower quantities.
  • A Forward Only order should arrive prepared to be sent out immediately as is.

FBA Enhanced Forward Only Service

Starting at Only


  • See current pricing for information for more details
  • Your order will include all of the Forward Only service criteria as well as all Standard Processing & Handling services for a “spot check” of up to 5 units of your order per carton.

GDW Ala Cart Services

You get what you pay for and when you’re dealing with us, you’re paying for quality, reliability, and integrity. You can go cheaper but you can’t get better.

GDW Ala Cart Services

About GDW Inc.

GDW Inc has been in the online retail business and fulfillment business for over 15 years total with the last 5 years 100% online. Longer than almost all of our competition.

GDW Inc. is a product development, branding, and fulfillment company headquartered in Houston TX. We specializes in building brands for e-commerce and retail physical products and importing, inspection and fulfillment service.

  • We sell on Amazon, Ebay, Sears, and many other channels.
  • We know fulfillment from FBA to FBM, Freight, to Air and Ocean.
  • We have done it all and can help you with our experience.
Join GDW Inc and let us help you grow your online business.

With the brands we already have established, the decade of experience we have under our belts, we are poised to become the number one Online Retail service company in the world.

CALL US 832-463-0988

Find out how we can help you. Be Smart and partner with a company that knows the industry, can help you in all areas of your business, and you can trust. Partner with GDW Inc.



GDW is a big part of our scale-ability as we grow our 1.8 million dollar a year Amazon business.  

Dr Ben Frederick, Web Client

This is my third shipment into GDW as my pre facility. I was using another center but they were constantly closed to new business. Alan and team consistently get my products out the door within days of them arriving. They provide a detailed report with my invoice and photos if needed.

DS (Part 1), Illinois USA

They tell me about areas they see that the product or packaging can be improved and have been a huge help in the FB groups with truthful and complete information on the realities of this business. No sales BS is why I love them.

DS (Part 2), Illinois USA

Alan is a true business man and amazing entrepreneur. If your do not have a FBA prep company or fulfillment company yet talk to Alan at GDW and you will definitely see why this is your best partner.

DS (Part 3), Illinois USA

GDWInc has gone above and beyond in helping me grow my eCommerce business. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a fulfillment or FBA prep partner.

Dianna H., United Kingdom

I sent a sample order to GDWInc to be prepped for Amazon FBA. It was several products being combined into a custom box for sale. The day the product arrived I received an email with photo’s and a recommendation NOT to sell these items on Amazon.

Tunji A (Part 1), USA

Alan and company had seen issues in the product that would have for sure lead to large volumes of returns and bad feedback and reviews. His team saved my account and I was able to get the manufacturer to resolve the issue.

Tunji A (Part 2), USA

Then GDW helped liquidate the goods by providing services and suggestions on how I could get out of a bad situation. Thanks GDW you have a customer for life!

Tunji A (Part 3), USA

GDW had been my FBA prep company since I live in Australia. If Amazon bans one of my supplements Alan at GDW will step in and allow us to move our inventory to GDW’s warehouse and is fulfilling my Ebay sales as I liquidate the remaining product. Saved me a ton of money.

Ed W., Sydney, Australia

I have used GDW a few times in the past and will continue to do so again. My experience with them has been incredibly efficient. They have been great with there communication updates, their handling of my shipments in a timely manner and they have always made the process very smooth. You can ask them

Saher Khan- Canada, Web Client

I’ve had my products at GDW for 6 months now and couldn’t be happier with my decision. It’s very comforting to know that the GDW team has been looking out for me every step of the way. They always respond to my emails in a timely manner. They offer advice/tips/suggestions on packaging and even helped

Jim B – Austin TX, Web Client

I used the services of GDW for my early Private Label products and they got me through some tough times. They were able to arrange pickup and sea shipping from ports in China to their location in Houston, including dealing with the supplier, customs clearance and all the paperwork. But it didn’t stop there. I

Jeff Pavacic J&A Marketing LLC, Web Client

If you are interested in starting or growing your Amazon business, there is an easy, very affordable solution to achieve this goal: GDW Inc, with Alan Basinger. It’s truly one-stop shopping for everything: he’s got FBA service with labeling, shipping, customs, prep, photography for your products, packaging and more. Whatever you need: done. I feel

Dan Goldfedder Philadelphia, Pa, Web Client

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Join GDW Inc and let us help you grow your online business.

With the brands we already have established, the decades of experience we have under our belts, we are poised to become the number one Online Retail service company in the world.

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