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Labeling – Amazon FBA ASIN Barcode

Amazon FBA manages their stock with a custom stock code in the form of a barcode that must be on every product included in their stock management system. It can be a lot of painstaking work, but we can help you get it done with a minimum of cost and effort.




Seller Central, the system Amazon uses to control their inventory, makes it easy to print these labels either individually or as an A4-sized page of 30 labels. When you purchase our services, we’ll ask you to access your Seller Central account and print off (as a PDF document) a page of labels (30up, or Avery Style 5930), and to e-mail that document to us. We’ll take that PDF file and print and affix labels to everything, ensuring that each item will be accepted by Amazon without further expense.

If you are unsure of how to do this, Amazon has a helpful video.

Please note, if you are selling on Amazon exclusively, you can have the ASIN barcode incorporated into your packaging. If you are selling elsewhere, we recommend purchasing UPC codes from and having them printed on your packaging.

Additional Services

GDW offers additional on-off services that will assist in your fulfillment efforts. In the past, these have including applying an ASIN label o each item, putting branded drop tags on dog crates, and putting full color instructions in a clear plastic bag. If you can think of something we can do to help, just ask, we’ll probably be able to accommodate you.

Or, you could sign up for our Premium Service. This is a complete importing service. We collect your goods from the factory or port, arrange for the appropriate shipping method, navigate through customs, and ship everything to our warehouse where our team will unpack, inspect, and repack everything before applying your prepaid UPS shipping labels and shipping everything to the FBA center.

And, of course, we will keep you notified of everything each step of the way

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