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Time flies and here we are almost exactly 60 days from leaving for China on my sourcing trip to YiWu and 41 days since my goods left China on the way to the US.

To keep everyone who reads this up to date so far here is what has happened.


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  • Sourced over 50 unique SKUs in China in 6 days.
  • Shipped goods from China before CNY and just got released for pickup!
  • Received all samples except 1 within a few days of returning to the US.
  • Have completed almost all photographs as we are retaking one set that has proven difficult to master as I envision.
  • Photoshop work on listing photos in progress.
  • Packaging design and insert designs in progress should be complete this week.
  • Keyword research complete.
  • Logo’s for new brands completed.

VIP Club: Uses inserts and coupons to help us continue to bring customers into our own launch service for our products only. Gathering as many emails from them as we can get. (Remember it is not how may you get each time it is a compounding affect that over time becomes more valuable. 2% conversion on this is pretty standard.)

VIP Club landing page complete, added a social media component to allow us to do some charity work.

Coupon code management system: This is in process.( I added at the last minute to hopefully simplify this piece) and insure one coupon for one person and know exactly who gets it. Did this fast and FREE with cool google form that grabs customer info and populated a spread sheet I get all the customer info and they agree not to publish the coupon. Then I email them their unique coupon. I am automating that last part as soon as I can.

Off Amazon shopping carts: We are in progress with these as we are doing 5 of them. First we are creating a template style for our brands and testing conversions. Once we are happy with this we will use it again and again, speeding up the process. Much like using Shopify, but without paying them ridiculous money each month for templates you can buy and own for one time charges. I am all about saving a buck and not wasting money or time.

Social Media: We have multiple new Instagram sites we are working on to drive traffic to Amazon or our own sites. I am fairly new to Instagram but it is starting to come together with the help of some Instagram gurus I am learning from. We currently use FB marketing and it works very well, but with the top quality photos we have we should be able to harness the power of Instagram to create pre buys and super sales direct to the consumer off and on Amazon.

Amazon: The listings are in process since we have all the data to create the listing, and the title, description etc. Now only thing slowing us down here is photograph and Photoshop work being done. Damn protecting your stuff from people is a pain!

Email: Creating a campaign to existing customer from Amazon and Ebay to launch products to out existing customers is in place. The goal is to start small with say 1000 existing customers and then test and then tweak, and then send more if needed. Asking them to sign up for VIP club and offering them something in return for signing up. You have to give to get it is the key to online sales.

Photography: The basic white background photos are easy enough and we can handle them fast, but the live action shots, model shots, and more advanced Photoshop work takes more time. Especially when you need props, or models to show the goods off. Locations have to be scouted in some cases, and Photoshop takes time for all but the most basic things, plus the truly gifted artistic types who make great photographers take time. We are working on standardizing Photoshop work for Amazon photos so we have a template we use regularly. Headers, Footers, Call-outs, etc.

Seriously photography is the key, bad pictures equals lower sales, but thieves will steal your photos from the public domain in a heart beat so this all has to be protected.

Single Product landing pages: For me this is fun, I am visual as most of us are, but having single page product landing pages to send direct social media traffic to is something I am passionate about. We should have our first brands website done with this method of cart this week.

The more I can do off Amazon the more profit I keep and the more of a real brand we create. Amazon is sales volume, but off Amazon is part of building something worth money.

Inserts and Labels: Most of the goods I purchased already had nice plain white boxes, (yeah cool huh) so I only have 10 products that will be poly bagged and we have begun insert designs for these that will also double as part of the PL.

For the plain boxed items we are printing out color or black and white labels which will have the logo and bar code as well as customer support contact info and web site address on them. As we see which items do the best we will improve on the packaging in iterations. Notice the information we are putting on the package and inserts? The more we do that the more people we move off Amazon, the more we create a fan base, the more we grow.

The Bad News: Since our product just arrived it looks like we may get delayed a bit due to the China trip next week. That will throw us off a couple of weeks, but my team will continue to finish as much as possible between customers, and we will have a couple of product actually completely launched on Amazon and Ebay before I leave. So I am sad we are missing the goal, but the difference between winners and losers is knowing that all we should do is learn from what we have done, reestablish a new goal, and move forwards. If you shoot for Mars and make it to the Moon…..well YOU MADE IT TO THE MOON! Nuf said.

I will be keeping everyone updated on our progress and next week we should have some really cool as we actually launch some of these product and go over our launch strategies.


So in hearing about how I am launching all these products so fast are there questions you may have about why, what, how? Feel free to comment below.

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Alan Basinger

Alan Basinger

Alan Basinger is CEO of GDW Inc and a 15 year eCommerce veteran. As well as a serial entrepreneur, sought after mentor, coach, and speaker. Alan also is a serial giver and regularly gives his time to others to help them in his quest to help 1000 people get free by running their own profitable eCommerce businesses. You can contact him at support@gdwinc.com.
Alan Basinger

Comments ( 4 )

  • Andyshea says:

    Are you sure it is not against Amazon regulation to email “your” buyers from Amazon? Thank you.

    • Alan Basinger says:

      Great question and no it is not against TOS to email buyers. Amazon does not want you to SPAM the buyers, but we let them know about shipping, feedback, reviews, etc all the time. There are specific things that will get you in trouble and you should review the email guidelines on Amazon and understand what you are doing before you do this, but I do not think we are breaking Amazon TOS emailing customers to offer them a Amazon coupon for a discount of a product we are selling them on Amazon.

  • Rojo says:

    what happened with the shipment that it took so much longer than expected to come from China?

    • Alan Basinger says:

      Good question as noted it took 41 days from the day it left Ningbo to get to my facility in Houston. It was 11 days later than expected and think it was Customs that caused the delay. But we resolved it and everything made it just not in time before I had to leave again to meet a bunch of people in China for our event. Thanks for asking.

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