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Premium Services

If you’re new to importing and selling private label products on Amazon and other sales channels, you’re probably worried about the customs process, and with good reason. It’s hard to get right and the penalties for doing it wrong can be disastrous.

We can help.

Our Premium Service eliminates the worry and confusing. Our Forwarding Agents handle millions of tons of products every year. They can collect your products from the factory or port and shepherd them through the customs process ensuring all the paperwork is done correctly to ensure a smooth process. We’ll take delivery of your good at our warehouse, process them, and dispatch them to Amazon FBA or wherever you want.

It works like this:

  • You place your order with your factory
  • You contact our Freight Forwarding department
  • You supply the appropriate paperwork
  • We arrange for the Air or Ocean freight (subject to your approval)
  • We handle all the Freight and Import Duties, Taxes, and Customs paperwork
  • We handle the transportation of your products to our warehouse
  • We’ll process your goods as arranged for delivery to FBA or elsewhere

In short, you tell us what’s coming and we take care of all the details so you can work on your business not in your business.

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