Policy on Receiving Customs Duty Bills From FEDEX, DHL, and UPS.

If your importing goods to GDW Inc. from China or anywhere else in the world where your shipment must pass through the United States Customs Department, DO NOT be surprised when GDW Inc. Sends you a bill for customs duty fees owed.  Normally We do not receive these bills until about a week or two after your shipment has already left our warehouse.  The reason is that these three company’s do not estimate customs duty fees, they will wait until the US Customs Dept. sends them a bill,  they will pay it on your behalf, and in most cases send the receiving party the bill.
Please Note –
it is your responsibility to make sure these fees are paid – These are not bills from GDW Inc,  but bills from the US CUSTOMS Dept.
We can assist in anyway we can to help with making sure they get paid,  However if you wish GDW Inc. to Pay these bills on your behalf, you will need to agree to the following fee structure.

Our Services fees and Transfer fees,
What are they for?
Why are you being billed these extra fees?
Can I pay them myself to avoid these fees?

FEDEX – Customs duty invoice Received by GDW Inc.  $35 Service fee No matter who pays, plus Paypal fees if applicable
UPS – Customs duty invoice Received by GDW Inc.  $35 Service fee No matter who pays, plus Paypal fees if applicable
DHL – Customs duty invoice Received by GDW Inc.  $35 Service fee No matter who pays, plus Paypal fees if applicable

Once GDW Inc. receives your bill from one of these three company’s, we will scan in your original invoice and email it to you.
you be accessed a service fee based on the total amount billed from the shipper plus applicable Paypal fees (transfer fee)
if you choose to contact the shipper and pay directly, we will remove the Transfer fee however the Service fee will remain.

If I pay directly why do I still have to pay the service fee?

The service fee is charged for a couple of reasons….

RISK – If we receive a bill on your behalf, the bill does not belong to you, it belongs to us. GDW Inc is now responsible for paying these fees, if we do not pay, these shipping company’s will stop delivering packages to us or from us.

Our Time – It still takes the same amount of time to process and verify a bill that you pay vs, a bill that we pay, FACT it takes longer, as we now have to wait for you to tell us you paid, then call the shipper directly and get verification that you paid. We still have to scan the documents, create the invoice, Track the bills, track and payments, update the records, and whenever there is a dispute, often consumes multiple hours of time. We have to employee people to handle these fees and transactions.

It seems like a simple task, scan the invoice in, send me an email, I pay, were all good right?
That works really well on a small scale, But doesn’t work at all with our business model and customer base.

If you wish to pay directly we would be more than happy to readjust your Paypal invoice and remove the Paypal fees.

However If GDW Inc. Receives a customs duty bill on your behalf, regardless of who pays, the service fee will still be required.

How to avoid my customs bill from Being sent to GDW Inc. so that i can avoid all the fees?

Great question,

We have found that your supplier can make arrangements for you to receive the customs duty bill. Here is what you need to do…

Most suppliers in China all have shipping agents. “someone that works with DHL, FedEx, or UPS” that is assigned to the supplier. In most cases, the supplier doesn’t ever fill out the paperwork when shipping. They provide the shipping agent with the required information.

If you use our FF and have them talk directly to your manufacturers shipping agent we can and will help you avoid this issue most of the time, but sometimes it is unavoidable and so the above will still apply.

We have found that if the supplier is asked to provide the shipping agent with your information and to bill you directly for any customs duty fees that might be owed, that the shipping agent, can and does Honor this request.

Please contact your supplier and ask them to contact their shipping agent and ask them to make arrangements for you to receive the bill ahead of time when your placing your order.


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