FAQ - Frequently Asked FBA Service

1.What type of business is best suited for GDW’s FBA Services?

GDW Inc. is perfect for Amazon FBA, FBM, Ebay, Etcy, Sears, Shopify, or any Online sales channel fulfillment and prep needs. Merchants of all kinds, large and small. We welcome all US Amazon merchants both domestic and international.

2.How can GDW Inc. save me money?

GDW Inc. eliminates the need to rent a warehouse/storage /office, packing material, employees, office utilities and gas and other unnecessary expenses. We also offer discounted FBA labeling and packing fees. This extra capital can be spent on marketing or purchasing inventory. Other one off services free you up as well to build your company and not work for your company.

3.Can GDW Inc. save me time?

Yes, definitely! You don’t have to worry about ever handling or packing products again. The only thing you have to do is provide us with the products, labels and pack lists and we’ll do the rest. You’ll have more time to focus on other parts of your business and much needed free time to enjoy life!

4.Does GDW Inc. ship anything to Amazon?

As long as it’s permitted by Amazon, Ebay, Sears, or the marketplace we have agreed to work with you on we will ship it.

5.Does GDW Inc. accept products from overseas?

Of course!! As long as they are legal and not hazardous, GDW Inc. will accept them. The merchant is responsible for all taxes, tariffs or any other expenses getting the products to our warehouse.

As part of our service we inspect all packages we receive. Any damaged items, we will take a picture of them and email over to you immediately. At that point, you should contact your supplier to work out a solution. We always suggest using Amazon preferred shipping vendor (UPS) for all shipments. This way, Amazon will cover any distributor damaged items that were shipped to their fulfillment centers.

6.How long will GDW Inc. keep my merchandise in their warehouse?

GDW Inc is a fulfillment center unlike our competition, we can offer long-term storage for your products, but best of all if we see you have products that are not moving we can and will help you find and outlet to move those products. We strive to have all FBA products shipped out from our warehouse within 4 business days of receipt. If you have paid for any one off services ahead of and there are minor delays getting say printed materials from a vendor we will work with you on those. But any merchandise that GDW Inc. does not receive Amazon labels and shipping instructions by you from will incur storage fees based upon sq ft of space used a $.50 per square foot per month. Our goal is to get your products in, inspect, processed and on to Amazon FBA ASAP, not store them indefinitely. If you are a FBM partner of ours then those costs are built into our FBM services.

7.Who is responsible for returns?

You the Amazon seller are responsible for all returns. Removal orders must be shipped back to the merchant. GDW Inc. is not responsible for any merchandise received from a removal order. Merchandise received by GDW Inc. will be disposed off within 1 week of receipt, unless the customer has agreed to our ‘Returns Program’. A merchant is responsible for coordinating and paying for returned products received by GDW Inc. A service charge of $100 will be charged for returned merchandise regardless of quantity, without prior agreement and a storage fee for goods received will also be charged at $.50 per square foot of space used to store the products per day.

8.Why do you have “per-carton” processing & “per-unit” processing fees?

“Per Carton” General Processing & Handling ($6.50 per carton) offers the same services as our “per-unit” service. But have a carton minimum because the higher the number of shipping cartons, the more supplies and tape/reinforcement needed to reassemble your outbound shipment, which we include in our processing fee. We also thoroughly inspect your inbound shipping cartons for shipping integrity and provide photos or document necessary exceptions to support your claim(s).

9.What Does Standard Processing & Handling Include?

Our $0.45 per unit Standard Processing & Handling service is our most popular and commonly ordered service. With Standard Processing & Handling, you will receive:

Receiving of your goods
FBA Compliance verification
Photo and or Video documentation when necessary
Unpacking your received cartons
Inventorying your products for quantity accuracy
Inspection of your product packaging for defects or damage
Repacking your products into cartons in compliance with Amazon FBA and secure configurations
Shipping materials for support during transit
Providing you the box weight and size specifications for your outbound shipment
Receiving your shipping labels & verifying accuracy and applying to your shipments
Replacement of cartons or repair of cartons to insure integrity of shipment
Arranging UPS or LTC Freight pickup of your goods.

10.Why is the duty charges from my shipper going to GDW?

By default, the receiver of the goods shipped by carriers will be issued the duty fee invoice. To avoid this, open an “International Billing Account” with the carrier you will be using. Your shipping paperwork will need to have the choice to “bill to third party account holder” to bypass your invoice being sent to GDW and thus delays and additional fees for Duty charges.

11.Do I need to open an account with GDW

There is no need to open or cancel any accounts with GDW as unlike others we do not force you to create an account. You can at your choice become a FREE member of our site to receive emails about our latest projects and money saving advice.
All of the GDW services are independently contracted via the work orders you create. If you’re unhappy you can just stop using our service. We of course would love to know why so we can improve and would welcome and comments at any time support@gdwinc.com.

12.Will GDW act as my Ultimate Consignee?

GDW will act as your Ultimate Consignee. and unlike our competition we will do that for FREE for customers who ship 50 cartons or more. If you are shipping less than 50 cartons of goods to GDW then a nominal fee of $75.00 per consignee. You need to request the consignee service when you ship the goods to us.

13.Can GDW package my goods for me?

If you work with us ahead of time, we are be able to provide plain individual product packaging. With your custom label template we may be able to print and apply a logo label to enhance your plain boxes. We also have a local print shop for your printing needs we cannot accommodate. We can construct and place your units into your flat-packed packaging starting at $0.75 per unit.

We can provide multiple sizes of Amazon-compliant poly bags starting at $0.50.
We can provide high-grade bubble-wrap starting at $0.80 per standard size unit.

14.What is the FBA policy on when a poly bag require a Suffocation Warning label?

A Poly bags will require a Suffocation Warning label if the opening of the bag is 5” or greater.

15.When does a unit require a UPC versus an FNSKU?

Amazon requires all products to display one barcode.

If your account has enabled Stickerless Commingled Inventory, your products will not require an FNSKU.
If your account has enabled Stickered, Non-Commingled Inventory, your products will require an FNSKU.
Products requiring FNSKU labeling do not need to display a UPC code, but must still have a UPC assigned to the listing.
You may find your selection by logging into your Seller Account and browsing to:


16.How do I create and print FNSKU labels?

The Amazon product labels (FNSKU) are generated through your Seller Central account.

To create your FNSKU labels: In your Seller Central account, choose “Manage Inventory” from the top left of your screen. Select the product you want to create labels for by “checking” the box to the left of it, and then move to the right of it and use your drop down “action” menu to choose “print item labels”. From there, it will bring you directly to the FNSKU screen. You’ll see FNSKU to the left, and all the way to the right you’ll see an entry field with the number “1“. You will need to manually update that number to the total number of products you need labeled.

Once completed, please keep the default setting of “30 Up Standard US Letter” format , and then click “print item labels“. Rather than printing, when your print screen appears, you will opt to “save as PDF file“. Save them as a PDF file in a conspicuous place, perhaps on your desktop, and then attach them into an email for us. We will do the rest!

Your FNSKU labels need to be provided to us prior to your shipment’s arrival to prevent delays and additional charges.

17.When and how do I provide Amazon shipping labels?

At the conclusion of GDW services (when we finish processing your goods). We will provide you with the box sizes and weights and quantities that you need to create the inbound shipments to FBA. You may create your shipping plan in advance to gain access to your packing lists, but please do not “approve charges” until we have confirmed with you as a refund for inaccurate labels is only granted within 24 hours of creation. Please email the packing lists to us as well so we can insure packing is correct.

18.How much does shipping to Amazon cost?

Your Amazon bound shipping labels are created and paid for in your Seller Central account. You will be eligible for significantly discounted shipping rates on small parcels when selecting Amazon’s Partnered Carrier, UPS.

Amazon-Partnered LTL Freight shipments also receive special discounts. Rates vary drastically by each shipment and you can look at each type of shipment for your products before choosing the shipping method that is best for you.

19.Do I need a Customs Broker?

You will need a Customs Broker when your Air or Ocean Cargo exceeding $2500 in commercial value will require the services of a customs broker. Unlike all of our competition we do offer brokerage services and freight services from China to the US for goods coming to our location for FBA processing only. If your using EXPRESS shipping such as DHL then shipments valued below $2500 will generally be “batch cleared” by your Express carrier, and therefore be granted “informal entry”, bypassing a customs broker. But you pay a huge premium for this service and we recommend ocean freight for most shipments, and air freight for the rest. GDW can handle all forms of shipping except Express in which cases work with your supplier for better rates.

20.Does GDW have photography services?

We offer proven high converting professional photography services, photoshop work, and professional marketing slicks. Please consult our photography services page for examples and pricing.

21.What about competition from GDW?

If anyone tells you they are not competing with you without a signed agreement then they are inaccurate. For our biggest customers we have signed nondisclosure and noncompete agreements insuring we will not compete directly with you on your products and you on ours. If we are selling a simular goods we will not only tell you we will offer you advice on what we have encountered on that product. There is room for everyone on Amazon. One thing you may notice is we share how we source our goods and we are different than most services. So we really do not need to copy your products and find that sourcing our own directly from China allows us to find goods most others are not selling.

22.What are Amazon’s requirements for FBA product prep?

Amazon provides detailed information on their expectations of how products should be prepared before arriving to any FBA facility.. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/fba-help/QRG/FBA-Shipping-Inventory-to-Amazon.pdf
GDW helps ensure your packaging is compliant during our processing and advise you should we discover anything in need of alteration. We will also advise you on ways to reduce preparation costs for future shipments to GDW.

23.Does Amazon have carton restrictions for inbound shipments?

Amazon has a strict 25 inch maximum carton measurement for all cartons, a 50 lb maximum weight limit for all cartons, and a 150 unit maximum quantity restriction on all inbound case-packed items. There are exceptions to the rule for single large items etc. that you should check in the Amazon help section of seller central if your concerned about your product.

24.Can GDW create and/or print custom labels?

GDW has in house label and color insert printing. We also are in the process of aquiring a digital printing press to allow us to handle this in house in the near future. Speeding up printing of inserts, labels, and more. GDW is the only service we know of with commercial high speed label printers, color printers, paper cutting tools, and more.

We also have a local print shop 2 blocks away for your printing needs we cannot handle in house.

25.Does GDW offer forwarding direct to FBA without inspection?

Yes GDW will accept your shipment from your supplier, insure the carton count is accurate, apply the shipping labels and forward directly to FBA without opening a single carton. We can also work with you to do any variation of services. Check our pricing page as cost vary with quantity.

26.Does GDW have an Amazon return service?

GDW has been accepting returns for our customers since we opened. We accept Amazon Returns & Removal Orders for $3.00 per incoming carton. After that all standard processing fees apply as well as our minimum purchase price.

27.Should I used LTL or small parcel shipments?

This would be up to you and how much your shipping into Amazon. LTL (less than a truckload) shipments are palletized and offer significant savings and stability for many shipments. GDW palletizing fees are $20.00 per pallet plus purchase of an Amazon compliant pallet for $15.00. GDW professional automated pallet assembly and wrap, and application of your pallet labels. GDW will insure that the size and weight of your LTL shipments are within Amazon guidelines for you. Small parcel shipments are loose, single cartons that will be individually handled and are best suited for small shipments of a few cartons.

28.Does GDW offer long term storage?

Hell yes we offer long term storage and long term is not days or weeks but months. GDW will not access fees for product undergoing preparation for shipment, or waiting for additional components to begin work. NEVER. Unlike our competition we will hold your products until they are processed and billed. At that point we expect the services to be paid for and shipment to be sent to Amazon. If however you need to hold product in our facility say because your at your limit of large sized goods and need to send them in in batches. We will do that for you for a nominal fee of .50 per cubic ft per month OR $30 per standard A pallet. Yeah per month not per day!

29.How are GDW accept payment for services?

Currently we accept payment via Paypal, and CC, and wire transfers.
Service fees may apply.

30.Does GDW receive and unload containers?

We accept and unload ALL Sizes of containers. Since container loads are not palletized GDW will hand unload the goods, check the load against the manifest, palletize the cartons, and store them for processing in our warehouse. Container deliveries will need to be scheduled in advance or face rejection. Have the carrier contact GDW at our service line 832-431-5502. Charges for unloading a container are as follows. 20ft gp for a fee of $150.00, 40 ft gp containers for a fee of $200.00, and 50 ft containers for a fee of $275.00. We do have a yard to drop the containers in, and forklifts available. We can generally unload a pre scheduled 40′ GP container in 1 day to help reduce drop fees from carriers.

31.Can GDW act as the consignee for shipments?

We should never be listed as the “consignee” of your shipment. You, the importer, are the consignee and the “bill to” party. We can act as ultimate consignee for you for a small fee. See FAQ in regards to pricing on this.

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