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One small mistake in negotiation or on your PI (Proforma Invoice) with a foreign supplier can be a death sentence for your ecommerce business!

I know… Morbid… But I’m not known to sugar coat things.

What I’m trying to do is keep you from making mistakes, show you how to protect yourself and what works/what doesn’t work when dealing with Chinese or other foreign suppliers. (FYI – this works for domestic suppliers as well, its just not as much of an issue because there aren’t really any language or cultural barriers when you’re dealing with a domestic supplier)

On our trips and masterminds in China/Asia AND in our Sourcing Mastery Training Program, we go over the dos and don’ts on your invoice, and how important it is that you get your details right. When you get the details right, it gives you a leg to stand on if there are ever any challenges with your product orders from foreign suppliers.


I’ve decided to start a new series having to do with sourcing.


Because we work with a lot of people in sourcing products in China and we’re seeing a lot of common issues.

The ones that we’ve seen in the past for ourselves, but have learned to overcome.

And now we’re seeing a lot of new people who go to China, source direct use sites like Alibaba have these same problems.

In this post, what we want to look at is buying from a middleman versus buying direct from a real factory AND how you should determine what the difference is.


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