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In the last 2 segments we talked about US Customs, commercial invoices, and country of origin labels required by US law.

Now let’s cover an interesting subject Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. I have covered these briefly in a previous blog post but think they deserve mention again for all the new people who may not be familiar with my work.


In my continuing series on simple and easily avoided mistakes that have massive impact on your importing and eCommerce business we are going to talk about one of the easiest to correct, but most often overlooked mistakes. Country of origin.

If you do not think that you need to worry about having the country of origin put on your products or insuring it is by your supplier before shipping it into the US, come with me to find out what recently happened to a customer who did not and shipped her goods (via supplier) to GDW.



Each week I am trying to update everyone on my apparently audacious goal this year, which was to set out at the end of January to go directly to China, source a bunch of products, get them on a boat before Chinese New Year, get them back to the US, and launched before I leave to go back to China at the end of March or less than 60 days. That is like launching 1 product a day for 50 days.


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To bring you up to speed. We did successfully get to China and got most of our orders on the boat before CNY. It actually went to sea on 2/1/16 and made it to our warehouse in 41 days from shipping. We did get samples for all but 1 of my product shipped to me via DHL from our warehouse in China. So we have been doing all the work leading up to the arrival and prep of the products.


Top 5 Sourcing Mistakes You Want to Avoid

My business changed when I figured this out.

Sourcing products for eCommerce is one of the hardest and most frequently talked about issues we see in this industry. I think with the information brokers selling get rich quick Amazon FBA courses a lot of miss-information is being spread on how to source products and also with a poor understanding of China, Chinese culture and incorrect expectations we see a lot of disappointment in this area when done wrong. So we compiled 5 of the most common mistakes we see and how to avoid them.


As many of you are aware the number 1 challenge for most Amazon FBA sellers is sourcing good products to sell. It is easy to find products and categories online that look like they are good Markets to enter but going through the tedious process of researching, then looking for manufacturers via or other online sales portals, getting samples sent, and then negotiating sales was for me not effiecient enough.

In my own business we hit a plateau in what we could source and launch without having a costly staff I would have to train to find products all day, launch products, negotiate on my behalf etc. That was a nightmare I did not want. I have several friends who have Amazon businesses in the millions of dollars a month and being in mastermind groups with them I learned that to source properly and launch efficiently is the winning strategy. So I was fortunate enough to go on a sourcing trip with one of those experts who has been sourcing for his own Amazon business for 10 years in China now.

Here is the list of lessons I learned in that trip.


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