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Each week I am trying to update everyone on my apparently audacious goal this year, which was to set out at the end of January to go directly to China, source a bunch of products, get them on a boat before Chinese New Year, get them back to the US, and launched before I leave to go back to China at the end of March or less than 60 days. That is like launching 1 product a day for 50 days.


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To bring you up to speed. We did successfully get to China and got most of our orders on the boat before CNY. It actually went to sea on 2/1/16 and made it to our warehouse in 41 days from shipping. We did get samples for all but 1 of my product shipped to me via DHL from our warehouse in China. So we have been doing all the work leading up to the arrival and prep of the products.


First with the huge success of ASM (Amazing Selling Machine.) Course there are literally hundreds of wanna be experts out there trying to cash in on the waves of new people wanting to get free by selling online.

Unfortunately many of these self proclaimed experts have just as much experience as the people they are trying to mentor and in reality are doing more harm than good to innocent newbies who do not know any better yet.

My goal here is to hopefully help new Amazon/Ebay sellers recognize that the expert is just a Circus Barker taking their money and is not an expert.

PT Barnum said “there is a sucker born every minute.” and that these new Amazon and Ebayers were the sucker, but hopefully after reading this will not be any more.

So first let’s define an “expert”. The dictionary says and Expert is a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.

So with this we can start to weed out the true experts from the Circus Clowns?

Ask your expert how many years they have been selling full time on the sales channel they are mentoring you on?

Ask you expert to show you their sales on that channel in dollar and units sold?

Here is money for April 2015.

How To Tell If Your Amazon Expert Is A Fake

How To Tell If Your Amazon Expert Is A Fake

Ask them how many skus they currently have selling?

Ask which sales methods they are using to sell their products right now. (Retail Arb, Online Arb, General Arb, Private Label, OEM, etc)?

Ask how long they have been in business and how many businesses they have run?

When you get the Uhh, well, type answers to any of these questions then you should start using your spidey senses because something is wrong.

Or if you notice that the answers start to be evasive, if they do not want to part the curtains and show you what is really happening then again those spidey senses should be tingling.

Are you looking for someone who has read a bunch of books on a subject, trolls other people FB groups and forums for information, and then markets it is there own?

Other things to look out for.

If they are constantly promoting other peoples memberships, products, month paid services then they are making money on kick backs from these and your there to make them money.

Seriously folks if your just kicking off a brand new business and your short on cash you should spend ZERO dollars on the plethora of hacks, apps, and methods you do not need until you need it.

And you will know you need it when your business goes flat because with the current methods, processes, you have you just cannot keep up so you need to make a change.

The key here is everything was going fine and then BOOM you could not keep up. You need to identify why you could not keep up and then find a solution for that problem at that time.

To buy the latest app, pay for a monthly subscription for landing pages, shopping carts, business intelligence apps, etc etc etc. Your draining one of the most important resources a new business needs. CASH.

Most small business fail because the proprietors (you) do not know how to manage cash flow and so when things get moving good you cannot fund the business and it DIES.

Or it is going well and then it hits a snag and you do not have the cash to carry you until you can turn it around. WHY? Because you listened to a GURU sell you something you DO NOT NEED so they could make a kickback on it and put money in their pockets.

Or some expert person on a forum or FB group said he uses XYZ to do his business process and you think I need that too. Because if he is doing well it will make me do well also.

You rationalize you need it when you do not. You need it when shit hits the fan because what your doing now cannot scale to handle the crazy amount of business your doing. No other reason is worth while in my book.


Alan Basinger

I know some people reading this are going to be haters and especially the info sellers and fake experts are going to be very upset, but here is my challenge to them all.

Open your books and your Business and prove me wrong.

Do not just tell us what you do SHOW US, nothing hidden behind the curtain oh great wizard of Oz.

Otherwise STFU and go back under the rock you came from……Yeah I said.


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