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Here is my list of business rules I try hard to follow especially when starting a new company. (more…)

Are you listening to your customers? Or are they ‘silently’ leaving you?

Listening is arguably the most important skill a successful entrepreneur can possess.

Yet, most entrepreneurs that I know are terrible listeners (except for listening to them selves in their head). And hey, I’m not perfect and catch myself not listening as intently as I should as well. (more…)

So for the past several months I have been posting about my launch sourcing and launch strategies for launching over 50 products in the shortest amount of time possible. As many of you know my goal is to launch 100 product this year.


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We are meant to do more than work, raise kids, and die. But we allow the world to tell us that we should watch football, or enjoy a hobby, or participate in sports, and spend free time doing things that are fun.

We all know about investments to some degree, and on a big level we take a portion of our assets, (money in this case) and invest it into stocks, binds, mutual funds, real estate or ??? to hopefully in the long run retire comfortably. Or as in the case of most of the really wealthy in the world, leave it to our kids who hopefully will do the same to theirs. (more…)

The highly successful eCommerce businesses win on the ‘Buy’ and NOT the ‘Sale’. You can see exactly what I mean, right here.

This strategy at the beginning is literally a matter of philosophy for most start-up eCommerce businesses. But very quick, it needs to become something you practice instead of something in theory.

Let us explain…


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