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In the last 2 segments we talked about US Customs, commercial invoices, and country of origin labels required by US law.

Now let’s cover an interesting subject Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights. I have covered these briefly in a previous blog post but think they deserve mention again for all the new people who may not be familiar with my work.


In my continuing series on simple and easily avoided mistakes that have massive impact on your importing and eCommerce business we are going to talk about one of the easiest to correct, but most often overlooked mistakes. Country of origin.

If you do not think that you need to worry about having the country of origin put on your products or insuring it is by your supplier before shipping it into the US, come with me to find out what recently happened to a customer who did not and shipped her goods (via supplier) to GDW.


Why a series on Importing?

GDW Inc. helps customers bring goods into the US every day. And we also accept shipments and products sent via external importers and shippers as well. We prepare your goods for whatever sales channels you sell on. Since we ship volumes and accept volumes of goods we find a lot of common mistakes that end up costing money and time for the importer. In an effort to help explain these common mistakes, AND so you can insure you are not one of the statistics… we are putting together a series of blog posts and videos on those common issues that can cost you time and money.

I recently read an excellent blog post from my colleague Greg Mercer at JungleScout (a tool I personally LOVE and actively use almost on a daily basis). I wanted to go ahead and share with you that post in its entirety as I think you’ll get a lot of value from it.


======= GREG’S BLOG POST =======

This week I have received some messages about news that Amazon will be expanding its private label brand, Amazon Basics. “Is Amazon going to crush my product, and the FBA opportunity, while they expand their private label brand?” I have one response to that: Fear not, the sky is not falling!


This is a short and sweet post but VERY important if you’re importing products for your eCommerce business.

Lately we are seeing some issues with customer’s products we are processing in our facility and by bringing these ‘real life, real business’ issues to light I’m hoping I can save you from dealing with the same challenges these customers are facing.


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