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I’ve decided to start a new series having to do with sourcing.


Because we work with a lot of people in sourcing products in China and we’re seeing a lot of common issues.

The ones that we’ve seen in the past for ourselves, but have learned to overcome.

And now we’re seeing a lot of new people who go to China, source direct use sites like Alibaba have these same problems.

In this post, what we want to look at is buying from a middleman versus buying direct from a real factory AND how you should determine what the difference is.


Its actually quite simple…

Because they can’t pay their bills.

Speaking of Cash Flow… Have you seen my Launch 50 Products in 60 Days Posts? If not, download them all here in PDF format and see how a 16 year ecommerce veteran tackles launching.

If you’re one of the few that started your business being financially literate, have paid your bills on time and in time since the beginning, this post may not be for you.


I am NOT a motivational speaker.

Yet, people will put me in that category on occasion.

I do not think about personal development…

I do not read self help books…

And I do not post about how I can help YOU be a better you.

Only you can do that.


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