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[VIDEO] The #1 Reason Why MOST People Fail at Launching Products in Ecommerce


I’m going to come right out and say the punch line on this…

The biggest challenge that I see happening to people, who are trying to launch a product is choosing a launch method.

There it is!


There are so many shiny objects.

There are so many ‘gurus’ out there saying, “Do it this way… Do it my way”.

Pitching you on ‘the silver bullet’ when that is a completer myth.

There is no silver bullet.

And remember the days, not long ago that you could ‘cheat’ on Amazon?

You used to be able get free reviews and have successful launches on Amazon by giving away 1,000 units and getting your BSR ranking really low and such.

But Amazon got smart and the cheaters got shut down and they changed their Terms of Service.

And you know what, I’m glad they did that, and if you want to have a serious business, you should be too. Business isn’t always ‘fast and easy’. In fact, in most cases its ‘long and difficult’.

So, what basis do you choose your launch strategy then?

You have to choose based on where you are right now in your business.

If you’re a brand new ecommerce seller or even just brand new to a market, then there are certain strategies that will work and that you need to consider that will help build awareness, build a following, generate sales and hit momentum.

And if that’s the case, there definitely are some solid softwares and services that can help you get going (for example if you’re starting on Amazon you could use Snapshot by Seller Labs).

If you’re a seasoned ecommerce seller, then part of me is wondering why you’re even reading this. But then again, maybe your sales are flat, you’re launching a new product, into a new market (see previous 2 paragraphs) or you’re just interested in this subject.

Either way, I recommend watching the video below, where I go into A LOT more detail on the challenges of launching products.

And make sure you look under the video below, for a little surprise.



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How to Get Reviews On Your Amazon FBA Product Listings


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When to Use Sea Shipping for Your Private Label Products


I get asked frequently…

“Under what circumstances do I use Ocean Freight (Seas Shipping)?”

Great question!

Let me just put it right out there… Sea shipping is going to be your least expensive method of shipping.

I use sea for just about everything.


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